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"Rus-Agro" Ltd.

"Rus-Agro" Ltd.

Adress: Russia, Vladimir, Pochaevskiy ovrag street 9, 600026

Phone: (4922)430509

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We are ready

to offer you a wide range of repair kits for repair in stock:


  • hydraulic pump gear (SS-10, SS-32, SS-100, SS-250)
  • control valves (GR-80, GR-160, P-200)
  • hydraulic cylinders (CA-75, CA-80, CA-100, -110 CA, CA-125, CA-140, CA-160)
  • Power Steering, rotation mechanism, servos, actuators (T, AM, T-25, T-70, T-150, T-151K, T-130, T-170, K-700, MTZ, UMZ)
  • water pumps (D-240, D-65, A-41, MD-14-22, SMD-60, D-160, JAMZ, KAMAZ, ZIL)
  • fuel equipment (D-240, D-65, MD-14-18, A-41, MD-31-60, D-160)
  • hydraulic cylinders excavators (EE-2621, EE-2624, EE-2626, EE-3323, PC-3322, PC-4123)
  • hydraulic cylinders  truck crane (COP-3575, CS-3577, CS-4562)
  • lift cylinders tractor trailer (1PTS-9 2PTS-4)
  • hydraulic cylinders KUN-0.8, KUN-10
  • gasket sets for small and engine overhaul (D-240, D-65, JAMZ, MD-18, A-01, D-144, D-21)
  • repair kits for clutch (D-240, D-65, MD-160)
  • turbochargers (MTZ, JAMZ, SMD-17H / 24, MD-31, D-160)
  • represented a wide range of repair kits to grain, "NIVA", "SK-5M1", "DON-1500", "Yenisei"
  • polymer seals for hydraulic cylinders
  • repair kits of polymeric seals
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