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"Etalon-Zapchast" Ltd.

The company "Etalon-Zapchast" Ltd. - a commercial structure GIDROLIGATm through which the promotion of its own products is carried on the markets as well as products of other manufacturers of Melitopol and Ukraine as a whole.

The company has two vectors of commercial activity:

  • The first vector is directed to the implementation of the product in the territory of Ukraine. (Division "Ukraine");
  • The second vector is directed to the implementation of the product in the abroad countries. (Division "Export").
Division "Ukraine" has proved itself as a reliable and quality supplier of hydraulic items in the territory of Ukraine. Among the regular customers are 300 companies  of the secondary market  and 13 companies of the primary market.
In addition to its own product, "Etalon-Zapchast" Ltd. devision "Ukraine" supplies spare parts for tractors T-16, T-25, T-40. Spare parts are presented in the following groups: engine, gearbox, clutch, axle front, rear final drive, steering, brakes, PTO, attached equipment, etc.
Division "Export" is spare parts supplier in more than 15 countries (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Pakistan, Mongolia and others).             Strategy  of work division "Export" is that GIDROLIGATm entered "UNION OF MANUFACTURES" (GIDROLIGATm TM Rus, TM Valcom ). Aggregate commercial division contains 6000 items of spare parts as its own production and the production of small and medium business of engineering Melitopol for tractors MTZ, UMZ, DT-75, T-16, T-25, T-40, T-130, T-170, T-150, harvester NIVA, DON, Yenisei, for KAMAZ, ZIL, MAZ, KRAZ, GAZ, UAZ, for some road-building, municipal, forestry equipment. The mission of "UNION OF MANUFACTURES" is to combine marketing efforts for a purpose: to get closer to the consumer and to "remove" unnecessary links in the way of the goods to you.