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"Gidroliga-Master" Ltd.


"Gidroliga-Master" Ltd. was founded in 2010 year. The enterprise is specialized on serial production of gamma of hydraulic distributors for agricultural, road-building and municipal machinery, namely GR-80, GR-100, GR-160.

The gydraulic distributors provide consumption of working fluid from 20 tо 200 L/min at an operating preassure till 20 MPa, a number of pressure regulator valves from 1 tо 3, work in the temperature range from -50 tо +500С. 



The  enterprise uses only modern equipment and technology.

Processing body, boring, rough honing is conducted on universal radial boring machines. Then the hydraulic distributor body  supplies to assembly sector, where every manhole is grinding under pressure regulator valve . For this purpose we use diamond grindings.

The technological cycle of production includes:

  • machining production;
  • mechanical assembly production, which includes using special assembly and test stands;
  • painting chamber;
  • service technical observation;
  • finished products warehouse.


All finished products undergo acceptance testingon special stand.

The catalogue of hydrodistributors (look here)