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"GidroLiga-Engineering" Ltd.


The company "GidroLiga-Engineering" Ltd. was founded in 2009 year as a structural division of GIDRОLIGAтм.

"GidroLiga-Engineering" Ltd. specializes on:

  • develop technical solutions to optimize actuators of machines based on the element base of leading Italian manufacturers;
  • development of hydraulic systems and optimization of existing ones;
  • implementation of high-tech products of European manufactures;
  • development of design documentation of hydraulic components to any mobile machinery;
  • repair of imported hydraulics pumps, motors etc.);
  • implementation of projects aimed at improving the quality of work equipment, machines and units.

For such  short period of existence of "GidroLiga-Engineering" Ltd. was developed more than 80 types of hydraulic. Some of Engineered hydro cylinders are exclusive.
The firm has designed and put into production a number of special tools - rolling and knurling for finighing rods and tubes of hydraulic cylinders. 
"GidroLiga-Engineering" Ltd. fulfill your oders for the design and manufacturing of non standart hydraulic system and cylinders.


The main activity of company "GidroLiga-Engineering" Ltd. is realization of projects, aimed at improving the quality of work of equipments, machines and units: the development of technical solutions to optimize power drive machines based on the element base of leading Italian manufacturers such as SAI Hydraulic Motors, Reggiana Reduttori, Ronzio, Meta Hydraulics, TMA, Vemat Motori etc.We specialize in the implementation of technical solutions for the optimization of actuators used in heavy engineering thought the development and implementation of high-tech hydraulic and electric actuators to ensure the best performance of the mechanisms. 

Our company experience in implementing projects to replace hydraulic actuators of another type, projects of replacement absolete units at a new high-performance equipment, prove their economic and operational technological feasibility. The achievements of the company is implementation of common projects with large enterprises of mining and mine industry in Ukraine and Russia, including CDD  and ITC "mining machines", "Novokramatorsk Machine Plant", "Gorlovskiy Machine Builder" Ltd., "Yasinovatskiy Machine Plant" Ltd., "Darasunskiy mining equipment plant", "NGMZ-BUR" CJSC. 

To get acquainted with the technical solusions to optimize actuators machines based on th element base of leading Italian manufactures You  can here( Variant 1 и Variant 2).