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"Аgro Master Plus" Ltd.


"Agro Master Plus" Ltd. was manufacturing division of GYDROLIGA тм – the enterprise for production of hydraulic cylinders is founded in 2005 year.

The gamma of produced hydraulic cylinders with a diameter of the sleeve from 40 to 200 mm, a diameter of rods from 20 tо 110 mm and stroke action from 100 tо 2000 mm. Application: mobile machines in mining industry, Oil & Gas industry, road-building industry, railway industry, municipal machinery, operation of buildings and constructions, forestry and wood industry (including cylinders for hydromanipulators), agriculture (agricultural machines for husbandry), building (including hydraulic cylinders for excavators, cranes, specialtechnique), transport engineering, machine tools industry and shipbuilding.


The company uses only advansed equipment and technology. 

Technological cycle of manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders includes:

  • blank production;
  • machining on universal and special machine tools, also on modern machine tools with CNC (company HAAS), which produce the most important parts, determining resource of hydraulic  cylinders, pistons,  front covers and rods;
  • welding production, which uses semiautomatic welding in shielding gases.
Mechanoerecting production which include:
  • using special assembling and test facilities;
  • spray booth;
  • Technical Control Servise;
  • finished goods warehouse.
The finishing treatment of hydraulic cylinder tube and rods is realized by rolling and knurling methods. This technology is the most advanced in the world and it provides  a high level of hydraulic cylinders. 
In the scheme of the cover seals were applied recommendations of the leading manufactures of seals «Simrit», «Guardex». Nowadays, all of these requirements correspond to seals TM Rus, which are instaled on our hydraulic cylinders and are widely used by other manufacturers of hydraulic items. 
100% of finished products pass acceptance tests on a special test bench. Hydraulic cylinders are tested at peak pressures of 300…400 atm. depending on the purpose and conditions of use. 
Operating expenses for the production of hydraulic cylinders and components are 30-40% lower then in Europe, China and Russia. On the example of the production of components you can see the difference  (look here).
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