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 News from 15 december 2014 year

Intermediate results of 2014 year and prospects for 2015 year

In spite of 2014 year was not successful in whole for Ukraine we can say that the group of companies GIDROLIGA passed it confidently. We were not just able to maintain our position in the market, but we provide prospective development for at least 3 years (short term). 
Results of the business and work meatings gave the clear vector and landmark development in 2014 year. We could visit key countries, on which we focused - Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia, The European Union. There are many rational information which is discarded will be realized in future. 

So, as for results and prospects...
At the 1st: the product line is updated and refined, will include both traditional position an new. 
At the 2nd: at the expense of the active introduction R&D (own design and technology devision), the range of industries and company partners of GIDROLIGATM were expanded.
At the 3rd: the list of priority actions about technical rearmament was clearly refined and the firth part is already realizing. 
At the 4th: the marketing efforts was fully justified and there  is already developed plan of marketing actions for 2015-2017 years. 
At the 5th: since 2015 year the new engineering division will appear in structure of the company GIDROLIGATM for fulfillment difficult challenges, which are necessary on not traditional markets. 
As we say: "Good luck and success, GIDROLIGATM!!!"


News from 18 November 2014 year

EIMA` 2014, Bologna, Italy

Participation in exhibition. Business meatings with patners in Modena, Bologna, Parma, Milan


Traditionally, once in two years the exhibition EIMA 2014 was held  in period from 12 to 16 of November 2014 in Bologna, Italy. 

The group of companies GIDROLIGA prepared and held the series of meetings and contacts in Italy both within the exibition and outside it. During the work visit there was the possibility to attend such cities as Bologna, Modena, Parma and Milan.

During the meetings the representatives of group of companies discussed the questions about products supply in the market of Italy and Germany, also the questions of import from Italy, France and Spain, all questions of interaction with key agents in Italy. The meeting schedule was eventful and fruitfull.

On the assumption of the results of visit the main italian forum in this industry, one can make a promising conclusion - the group of companies GIDROLIGA goes on "new horizonts"!!!


  News from 14 November 2014 year 


Participacion in  the AUTODOREXPO exhibition 2014, Kiev, Ukraine


From 12 tо 14 November this year in Kiev the 12th International Forum on building and repair of roads and bridges AUTODOREXPO’ 2014 was helded. The program of the forum includes specialized exhibition of machines and technologies for road-building and also science-practical conference.  The forum gathered the leading enterprises of this industry on its territory. More 1500 specialists from Ukraine and foreign contries visited the forum. 

The group of company GIDROLIGA din't pass by this International Road Forum. The delegation of  company visited this respectful platform which corresponds to the development strategy for company.



The large part of the exhibition exposition in this year was occupied by Ukrainian companies which presented both own production and technology of well-known brends. 




As a matter of fact, many of these companies from Ukraine and abroad became the objects of negotiation for group of companies GIDROLIGA on this exhibition. Considering this industry is prospective, the group of companies GIDROLIGA prepared special commercial offer, which contain both products of own production and products of foreign partners. The forum's participants expressed a genuine interest to the presentation of group of companies GIDROLIGA. During the negotiations were signed a number of protocols of intent and discussed future projects. 


In general AUTODOREXPO 2014 was held for the group of companies GIDROLIGA  on the high level. 



News from from 03 November 2014 year

 INTERAGRO 2014, Кiev, Ukraine


In period from 28 to 31 of October in 2014 year there was held the exhibition INTERAGRO 2014. The group of companies GIDROLIGA took an active part in this exhibition. There was 376  companies participating in the work of the exhibition, including foreign companies from 16 contries (Argentina, Germany, Denmark, The USA, Taiwan, Turkey, France, The Czech Republic) and they was represented by national  expositions. The general square of exhibition is about 35 000 m2, it made this exhibition the biggest in the history of holding meassures. 14 000 of specialists from Ukraine and foreign contries.


The representatives of the group of companies GIDROLIGA held negotiations with a number of ukrainian and foreign companies, including such companies as Agromodul, Agrotechsouz, Bondioli and Pavesi Ukraine, Veles-Agro, John Dir, Orechovselmash. During the negotiations the questions about active coorperation were discussed. Both sides affirmed the coorperation protocols and discussed the prospectives of work in 2015 year. 

As the representatives of the group of companies GIDROLIGA noted that the exhibition INTERAGRO 2014 clearly defined the vectors of development of the company for the next 3-5 year.  


News from 31 October 2014 year


KazAgro 2014, Astana, The republic of Kazakhstan

The exhibition "KazAgro 2014" held as tradition in period from 27 to 29 of October in 2014 year in Astana city, the Republic of Kazakhstan.  

The capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Astana became the place of meeting of world agrarian leaders once again. The exhibition area which is more 14 000 m2 united about 250 companies from 21 countries of the world: Australia, Austria Belarus, Great Britain, therland, Poland, Russia, The USA, Тurkey, Ukraine, France, Switzerlands, The south Korea and the Republic of Kazakhstan. The exhibition presented the world novelties of agricultural machinery and equipment, modern technology for crop, livestock, poultry farming, fertilizers, seeds, pesticides, veterinary medicine, feed,  breed, services in agriculture. 

 Traditionally, the group of companies GIDROLIGA is active participant of this republican forum more 10 years. The collective stand of PRODUCERS UNION of UKRAINE (the group of companies, trade marks RUSS and TURBOKOM) attracted the attention the numbers of companies from the Republic of Kazakhstan, RF, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Turkey, Italy. All the acting and potential patners noted that the commercial offer and work format of UNION of MANUFACTURES are interesting and competitive. During the negotiations we signed the series of protocols about our intentions, dealer contracts and we discussed work prospectives for 2015-2017 years.

According words of representatives of group of companies GIDROLIGA, the exhibition KazAgro 2014 gives the strong impulse in development strategy of company in the nearest future.



  News from 13 October 2014 year 

AgroТеkRussia 2014, Moscow, RF


There is a tradition that every October from 8 to 11 the exhibition  helds within the framework of the main agricultural event of year GOLD AUTEM in Moscow.

After long-term history the exhibition has established itself as a proffesional platform for agricultural engineering, on which  technical and technological solutions for profitable agricultural production demonstates.

AgroTekRussia bases on rich experiences of organizators of the largest agricultural exhibitions in Russia and Europe GOLD AUTEM (Moscow) and AGRITECHNIKA (Hanover). This partnership is supported by profile ministries and departments, industry and proffesional unions. 

Thus the results of AgroTekRussia 2014 impress: 453 participators from 26 countries, more 22 000 visitors, from which 86 % - industry specialists, exhibition area is more 30 000 m2.

The group of companies GIDROLIGA traditionally in the Union Manufacturers Ukraine  takes part in exhibition AgroTekRussia 2014. It's not casual because this is the most  widescale agroforum in Russian Federation.

The results of exibition was amasing for the group of companies GIDROLIGA – right on the exhibition the number of prospective orders were obtained which will
provide the work for the company GIDROLIGA for the next 3 years with prospective of  their prolongation. Within the exhibition our company managed to agree on possible supplies TM GIDROLIGA products to a number of enterprises which are not conected with agricultural industry. This is a good harbinger of market diversification and this is extremely important for the company  from the prospectives of development.
Generally, AgroTekRussia 2014 for the group of companies  was on the rise in the active work and brought new  promising projects. 

 News from 9 June 2014 year

Аgro 2014, Kiev, Ukraine 


The international agricultural exibition "Agro-2014" held in period from 4 to 7 June in Kiev. It's the most important countrywide event in agribusiness of Ukraine. The first month of summer became  the traditional time of helding the largest agricultural exhibition in the territory of CIS and the East Europe  - «Agro-2014». This event gathered together more 900 national and foreign companies from 14 countries of the world  in the territory of the National complex "The Expocentre of Ukraine". There were the representatives such countries as The Great Britain, Denmark, Estonia, Israil, Spain, India, Italy, China, Germany, Poland, The USA, Turkey, France, The Czech Republic. The measure was visited by more 38 000 people, a significant part of them are the lead specialists of agricultural sector.  «The Expocentre of Ukraine» became centre of novelties, innovations and achievements in main spheres of agricultural industry for 4 days. 


It was traditionally and naturally for this All-ukrainian forum that the group of companies GIDROLIGA took a part in this event. "The held series of meetings, dealer contracts, signed protocols about intentions confirmed that choosed development strategy is correct for the group of companies GIDROLIGA on the market of Ukraine." - said the representatives of company.

The impressive number of foreign visitors (EU countries, Asia, The USA) not bypassed the group of companies GIDROLIGA. The principal vectors of partnership and dates of meeting and continuation of negotiations were determined  in Autem 2014 year.

In general this forum brought positive fruits for the company GIDROLIGA and the development vectors were identified for the next years. 


News from 18 March 2014 year

The work visit of representatives of the group of companies HYDROLIGA in Kherson, Nikolaev and Odessa regions.


The group of companies GIDROLIGA has identified for itself the basic regions in Ukraine for promote products in short term strategy. 

There was outlined the business tour for a number of regions of Ukraine for 2014 year. 
In period from 10 to 14 of March in 2014 year the first business tour took place in Kherson, Nikolaev and Odessa regions. Within the framework of business trip  there is processed a few questions: presentations of TM GIDROLIGA, negotiations with potential partners, nogotiations with acting clients, products quality, development prospectives of the group of company TM GIDROLIGA.
There was held 32 meetings in the specified period in 6 cities of specified regions.
During the meetings the both sides were discussing the questions about cooperation in the market of Ukraine, and in particular in particular regions, also the programs of manufactures for 2014 – 2015 years, they focused on the quantity and quality of products TM GIDROLIGA. 
In general, in the opinion of specialists TM GIDROLIGA, the meetings brought positive result which is converted during one month  in real contracts.




News from 24 February 2014 year

The work trip in The Republic of Kazakhstan. The business meetings, negotiations about supply, discussing prospects of cooperation for 2014 year.


In the period from 9 to 22 February 2014 year the work visit of representatives of group of companies GIDROLIGA has held in The Republic of Kazakhstan. The aim of visit was a few directions - the presentation of group of companies GIDROLIGA, the settlement issues of supply of products, the dicsussing prospects of cooperation, handing etc.
The republic of Kazakhstan always remains the flagship development of agriculture in CIS countries. Especially in the northern Kazakhstan. The work visit of TM GIDROLIGA specialists was realized axactly there. Apart from the agricultural companies there were taken into account and held the meetings with the companies of other industries.
The work trip was very fruitful. You are free to judge yourself – 2300 km оn the road, contacts with 68 firms, 9 orders during the trip, prospects for 2014-2015 years.
In greneral, our acting and potential clients and partners remain satisfied by contacts with representatives of group of companies TM GIDROLIGA. For the right contact between of manufacturer and сonsumer is always has a high value. 

TM GIDROLIGA received the sufficient amount of information for analysis and it made had concluded on the results of trip  – The republic of Kazakstan will allow TM GIDROLIGA to develop and go forward…