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"JV GIDROLIGA-ITALY" Ltd. - joint venture of Italy company SAI Hydraulic Motors S.p.A. ( and group of company GIDROLIGAтм (

The cooperation began so.

SAI have already been producing 52 years  in Italy more 1000 kinds of  radial piston hydraulic motors (RPHM) and supplies them for drives of various kinds of machines  (look products range RPHM SAI, look company profile SAI s.p.a.)

We have been working since 2010 year and we are authorized dealer of SAI on the markets of Russia, Ukraine, The Kazakhstan Republic and Belarus ( contract for rights of official dealership you can have a look here(стр.1,стр.2,стр.3)).

The strategy of developing for today

The markets, on which "JV GIDROLIGA - ITALY" Ltd. works:


The products, which "JV GIDROLIGA-ITALY" Ltd. offer:

...and also for a complete hydraulic systems  of any mobile machines and mining machines from company VANGUARD. We offer the most modern hydraulic pumps (gear pupms) 4th generation, including tandems (twin gear pumps)  and triplexs (triple gear pupms), and also hydraulic gear motors  and orbital hydraulic motors; hydraulic fittings (check valves, valves, fittings, union) from companies CAST and CONTARINI and  hydraulic filters from company OMT S.p.A. For a complete of any  tracted machines  and mining machines we offer the supply of the widest range of not expensive and  reliable track, hardware and consumables расходников for the tracks from company VALUEPART EUROPE S.p.A.

The general products catalogue is here                                                       ( GIDROLIGA_ITALY_1/GIDROLIGA_ITALY_2)

Manufacturers, with which "JV GIDROLIGA-ITALY" Ltd.

 SAI Hydraulic Motors S.p.A.MOVECO s.r.l.

  • OMT S.p.A.
  • IMO Holding Gmbh
  • TMA Winches s.r.l
  • DINAMIC OIL s.p.a
  • VANGUARD Hydraulics s.r.l
  • CONTARINI s.p.a

Аrea of supply "JV GIDROLIGA-ITALY" Ltd.:

  • Mining industry
  • Heavy mechanical engineering
  • Road-building and municipal and other mobile machinery 
  • Oil and Gas industry
  • Мetallurgy 
  • Transport, railway industry.

Among actual clients - Yasinovatskiy engineering plant, Novokramatorskiy engineering plant, Darasunskiy mining plant, SPC "Mining machinery" (Plants "Gorlovskiy engineering", "DonetskGorMash", "Druzhkovskiy engineering plant", "HMZ "Svet Shahtera", "Kamenskiy engineering plant"), Plant "DonERMД", "Engineering plant "BURAN",  "Starokramatorskiy engineering plant'' PJSC,  "Kramatorskiy heavy machine tool construction plant"PJSC, "СУЭК" CJSC,"ArselorMitalTemirtau",  "Gorlovskiy plant "Remmash"OJSC,  "Rutchenkovskiy plant  "GORMASH" OJSC, Mine office of Ukraine and Russia, DTEK, "NGMZ-BUR" CJSC.

How does DELIVERY implemented in Ukraine?

Shipment of hydraulic motors SAI and other production for clients in the Ukraine is implemented with delivery to the buyer's warehouse in any cityof Ukraine through the grid company carrier  -  "Novaya Pochta"Ltd. .

How does DELIVERY implemented in Russia,The Kazakhstan Republic, Belarus?

Shipment of hydraulic motors SAI and other production for clients in Russia, The Kazakhstan Republic and Belarus is implemented from warehouses of Group of companies GIDROLIGA tm in Lipetsk, Novosibirsk and Vladimir cities. 


Introduction and supply this production require own engineering technological service. Such service is  "Gidroliga - engineering", which fully supports the project from the stage of harmonization of technical specifications  to full implementation of layout solutions for consumer.